How to save on grocery shopping?

Almost every time we spend money regularly, there is room for savings. We can buy something cheaper. We can buy less. It is no different in the case of grocery shopping. You need to save on food wisely. Buying cheap products, the composition of which contains many harmful substances, can slightly improve our budget. Over time, however, it will affect our health.

Below is a list of tips – how to do it wisely.

1. Make a shopping list and stick to it

It is best if you base such a list on a meal plan and other current needs. This simple method will allow you to be more disciplined in shopping. Much less often we will be tempted by some promotions and we will buy not very necessary things.

2. Stock up wisely

This point is especially important. You should buy in stock when the products are at an attractive price. By buying on promotion, we can save quite a lot of money. Importantly, stocks should be consumed on an ongoing basis. It is important that they do not break. And replenished when we find the right price.

3. Don’t shop hungry

When we are hungry, it is much easier to be tempted by additional snacks or delicacies. We will certainly buy more food as well. With a full belly, we behave more rationally.

4. Pay in cash

Of course, card payments are convenient. Unfortunately, they make it much easier for us to spend large amounts of money. Getting rid of a few banknotes from our wallet is much more difficult for us.

5. Choose consciously

Stores set their products in such a way that we automatically select products with the highest margin and high price. The cheaper ones, and usually just as good, are hidden on lower or higher shelves. It is worth paying more attention to products that do not immediately catch your eye.

6. Compare prices to size

It is worth paying attention to the price per 100 grams, 1 liter or similar measures. By comparing them with each other, we can say what size of the package is the best and which product is the cheapest. Usually, when buying slightly larger products, we will get more for the same money.

7. Use loyalty programs and discount cards

Most stores offer some form of loyalty program, where we collect points and redeem them for rewards or receive discounts on purchases. It is worth using them, especially if we often buy in one place.

8. Choose cheaper stores

We can pay a completely different amount for the same products in a different store. Finding the cheapest one that we can reasonably reach should be our priority.


The list could of course be developed further. However, the implementation of these few points can translate into real savings.


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