Should I set up a profile on FB?

Whether it is reasonable to set up a profile on social media is naturally a rhetorical question. It is hard to imagine functioning not only in business, but also in private space, if we do not have a Facebook, Instagram or Twitter account. However, it is worth considering what special benefits we can draw from the fact of being present in these media?

Being social is being online

Over the past decades, society has changed a lot mainly due to the presence of the Internet in our daily lives. Innovative technologies are developing at a dizzying pace. No one can actually predict not only what will await us in this industry in the next decade, but even in the next year. Let us note, however, that not only the global network has greatly changed our daily existence. Social media plays a huge role in our lives, even when we are not fully aware of it. Social networking sites have simply taken over our minds and emotions. The emergence of such an offer was, in fact, a response to the human psyche’s immanent need for contact with other people. As the name suggests, social media allows us to connect with others. It will not be an exaggeration to say that nowadays we understand social contact mainly by the fact that we contact other Internet users very quickly, and we use such websites as Facebook or Instagram to do this. Information transmitted in this way applies to every area of our lives.

Online profile allows you to be closer to others?

When we say that we will decide to set up a profile on Facebook or Instagram, we can feel more close to other people. The idea is that we can exchange opinions with friends or family members. At any time, through the mobile phone where the application is installed, we can consult someone even in the case of very serious personal problems. We can immediately consult an interesting culinary recipe or find out whether it is worth sending a child to this or another kindergarten. Immediately under our post, several or several dozen different opinions, alternative proposals or comments may appear.

Social networking sites – ideal business support?

Let’s not forget that all companies, no matter what industry they operate in, now have social media profiles. It is therefore worth setting up an account on the most popular websites because we can reach customers or contractors faster and simply present ourselves as valuable employees. Let’s note that in today’s era, every employer must first google the candidate. Recruiters automatically look for profiles of such people in social media to learn about the interests of a candidate for a job or to read information published on the profile, which proves competence. So it is worth trying to create a profile in these media. However, you have to do it with your head, because the way we create our image will say a lot about us.



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