The best ways to earn extra money

If the household budget doesn’t quite add up, it’s worth looking for ways to earn some extra money. There are plenty of ideas for that. Many of them only require willingness and a bit of free time. Thanks to the development of the internet, numerous sources of additional income online have emerged. Here are some of the most popular ways to make money outside of working hours.

Why is an additional source of income important?

Considering the global situation, having an additional source of income has become even more beneficial than before. It can provide a safety net for unexpected expenses or offer the opportunity to allocate funds for investments. Inflation and conflicts around the world have led to significant increases in essential goods such as food, electricity, and gas. In many cases, negotiating a raise or changing industries may not be effective.

The ability to find ways to earn extra money is a practical lesson in entrepreneurship. The skills acquired can be useful in the future, such as when transitioning from employment to starting a business.

How to earn extra money?

There are numerous online advertisements for part-time jobs. Our suggestions also include additional activities that can generate one-time or even regular income.

Extra physical work

Many companies are looking for employees during periods of increased activity. For example, being a courier during the pre-Christmas period. The situation is similar in supermarkets, which regularly conduct inventories. Such work often takes place during nighttime hours. It requires a certain level of commitment, but it also has its advantages. It’s a great opportunity to earn extra money even on weekdays.

Some people are looking for individuals to walk their dogs or clean their apartments. In such cases, trustworthiness and reliability are crucial. By securing a few such assignments, one can accumulate a considerable sum of money each month. People who earn extra income in this way are often recommended to others who are interested.

DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

Individuals with manual skills can combine pleasure with utility. Creating items like jewelry or scented candles is an excellent way to relieve stress. Additionally, by utilizing marketing skills to promote their creations, they can generate additional income. Mail-order sales are currently a thriving sector of commerce. It’s worth noting that handmade items are often priced higher than mass-produced products.

Selling Online

Almost everyone has things at home that they will never use again. These can be clothes, electronics, or books. Thanks to platforms like Allegro or OLX, it’s easy to sell virtually anything. Buyers can either pick up the items themselves or choose a convenient shipping method. Selling online is safe due to trusted services that oversee every stage of the process. As a result, even avid book or game fans can recoup some of their expenses after finishing them.


Being an expert in a certain field allows you to share your knowledge for money. Lessons can be conducted at your place, the student’s home, or online. There are many websites that help connect tutors with people seeking tutoring services. Foreign language specialists are particularly in demand. During the pre-matura exam period, it’s easier to find a group of students interested in getting extra help with subjects like mathematics or Polish language.

Saving Money

This is not a typical form of earning, but saving money can often lead to significant amounts accumulated over time. When searching for additional funds, it’s worth analyzing your expenses. It’s possible that the list will include frequently purchased coffee from cafes or unused subscriptions. Preparing food and drinks at home before leaving can be cheaper and often tastier. Subscription fees, such as for VOD platforms, can sometimes drain hundreds of currency units from your account. It’s worthwhile to conduct a detailed analysis and meticulously manage the household budget.



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