Virtual cards – is it worth it?

In today’s times, thanks to innovative banking, we can use cards instead of cash. This is a great solution that many people take advantage of. Virtual cards, in particular, are very convenient and serve as a good alternative to regular plastic cards. It’s worth knowing what they are and whether it’s worth using them.

What are virtual cards?

Plastic cards are very convenient, but in practice, they don’t always prove to be ideal. There is always a risk of losing them or simply forgetting to bring them along. To keep up with the times, we should take advantage of the possibilities offered by virtual cards. They are just as good, if not better, than standard cards.

Firstly, a virtual card doesn’t have a physical form, which means we don’t have something tangible in our hands or to put in our wallets. It is an electronic record. We can load the desired amount onto such a card, which we will need for a specific payment. Similar to a regular card, a virtual card has an expiration date, a CVC2/CVV2 code, and a unique number.

Visual cards can be categorized based on their purpose:

  • We can make use of virtual debit cards, which are linked to our bank accounts. There are also credit versions available, which function as a type of loan.
  • An interesting solution is the disposable virtual card. We can create them for a specific payment or use them multiple times until their expiration date.
  • Another option is prepaid virtual cards, which need to be loaded with a designated amount or are linked to a specific main account.
  • There are also virtual cards that are exclusively operated in Polish currency or those that are multi-currency.

Is it worth using virtual cards?

The greatest advantage of virtual cards is convenience. We don’t have to worry about the physical version that can be lost or stolen. Since we don’t have it physically, the chances of losing or theft are very slim. This leads us to the second benefit: virtual cards are highly secure. The exception would be if there is a hacker attack on our card, in which case, unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do. With such cards, we can make secure purchases at any online store, use gaming platforms, or pay for subscriptions on streaming platforms.

A virtual card is a great solution if we want to control our online expenses. We know that sometimes it’s easy to lose track, and virtual cards can help with that. We can deposit a certain amount onto the card from time to time, and when the limit is reached, we need to reload the card. This serves as a notification of how much we have spent. Additionally, when we use a single card, we have full control over our budget. Each transaction is recorded in the history, which we can access through online banking.

Virtual cards have many advantages, but whether we decide to use them or not depends solely on ourselves. Among all the available options, this one is definitely the best, so it’s worth giving it a try, even by setting up a disposable virtual card.



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