What is outsourcing?

More and more attention is paid to services based on outsourcing, although this issue is still a mystery to many entrepreneurs. In practice, however, it is simply about delegating tasks that we previously performed ourselves to external companies. It can be about projects, functions and processes. Efficiency is the starting point for this concept. The issue is better understood when one reaches for the language from which it comes. In English, there is an abbreviation for three words – outside-resource-using. In direct translation, therefore, it is about external sources, i.e. entities that can perform work for us.

Which companies should you cooperate with?

The most important starting point, if we want to get seriously interested in outsourcing, will naturally be to focus on such service providers that are trustworthy. Increasingly, investors want to outsource work if they do not have the processing capacity themselves or it is simply unprofitable. At the same time, however, if we are such entrepreneurs, we know perfectly well what a properly performed task or project means. That is why it is so important to contact contractors who have been checked before. We must be sure that orders will be carried out carefully and at the highest level. Therefore, these should be entities that are specialized in the same field in which we operate.

Are there different types of outsourcing?

Just as in the case of self-performed tasks, the methods and methods, as well as the scope of duties transferred to employees will differ, we will also distinguish here different types of work performed, as we call it, outside, i.e. simply by external companies. Outsourcing, therefore, will primarily be divided into holistic and selective.
Full outsourcing
This type of outsourcing is a situation when specific employee tasks are transferred to external companies comprehensively, i.e. in their entirety. For example, it may be about resigning from employing your own IT specialist. Then the third party takes over all software and network management responsibilities.

Selective outsourcing

As for selective outsourcing, in such circumstances we focus on outsourcing all work, but it will only be individual, and therefore selective, tasks. A good example may be, for example, an advertising company that outsources the design and printing of commercials or business cards from time to time.
Which companies most often use outsourcing?
Such models of cooperation with other business entities can of course be very profitable, although they are not always necessary. Therefore, it will always be most important to carry out a very detailed cost-benefit analysis so as not to make unnecessary mistakes.
Thus, the companies that will most often offer their services as part of outsourcing operate in:

• marketing and advertising
• consulting
• human resources
• maintenance of motor vehicles



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