Who can become a rentier?

Any person who has stable and sufficient income from various sources, such as income from work, investments, inheritance or pensions, can become a rentier. However, in order to become a rentier, several conditions must be met.

The three principles of the rentier

First, it is important to understand that a stable and sufficient income is one that allows you to maintain a comfortable lifestyle without having to work for a living. This means that the rentier must have sources of income that generate sufficient regular income to cover his or her current living needs. This is often referred to as a “safe exit” or “sufficient sum”.

Secondly, it is important to understand that in order to become a rentier, it is necessary to have a certain amount of savings or investments that can generate this steady income. This amount can vary depending on living needs and how the person wants to become a pensioner. Some people decide to invest in real estate, others in the stock market or bonds, and still others in entrepreneurship and investing in their own projects.

Thirdly, the approach to saving and investing is also crucial. Rentiers often need to plan long term and consistently follow their investment strategies to earn consistent income. This requires not only knowledge about investing, but also self-discipline and the ability to make difficult decisions.

Who can become a rentier?

However, being a rentier can allow you more freedom to make life decisions such as choosing where to live, lifestyle, travel and other activities in line with your interests. It can also help minimize the stress of not having enough money to support yourself, which is especially important in old age.

However, it is worth remembering that being a rentier involves certain risks and requires a certain level of knowledge and investment skills. You should also be aware that your sources of income may change, which may affect your financial stability. That’s why it’s important to carefully plan and monitor your investments, and to use experts’ help if necessary.

To sum up, any person who has sufficient savings or investments that generate stable income at a level sufficient to cover current life needs can become a rentier. However, to achieve this goal, a long-term approach, self-discipline and knowledge of investing are required. It is also worth being aware of the risks associated with investments and using the help of experts if necessary.



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